Mediation is the process involving a third-party neutral who facilitates the communication between or among disputants, while exploring interests and possibilities for resolution of the disputed issues, leading to a signed final agreement. The preparation of legal documents may or may not be part of the attorney mediator’s role after agreement.

The use of mediation in legal matters by motivated parties can result in a less expensive legal experience than a traditional contested case, in terms of dollars, as well as in the emotional costs to the parties.

McKell Graff, PLLC offers mediation and meeting facilitation services in matters that otherwise would have to be litigated in court, and in matters where the parties want to avoid bringing a case in court.


❖ Couples – Divorce & Legal Separation, Relationship/Marriage

❖ Parents – Parenting Plans/Custody, Child Support, Parent/Teenager Issues

❖ Adult Children with Elder Parents – Guardianships, Moving out of Family Home

❖ Adult Siblings – Probate/Trust/Estate Issues


❖ Parent/Teenager Issues

❖ Adult Children with Elder Parents

❖ Probate/Trust/Estate Issues